Unlocking Leadership Potential in Construction with Jesse Hernandez
Construction DisruptionJune 19, 2024
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Unlocking Leadership Potential in Construction with Jesse Hernandez

In this episode of the Construction Disruption podcast, Todd Miller and Ryan Bell from Isaiah Industries engage in a dynamic conversation with Jesse Hernandez, owner of DepthBuilder and a seasoned professional in the construction industry. Jesse shares his journey from working on job sites to becoming a thought leader in leadership and communication. They discuss the importance of effective leadership, storytelling, and communication in driving industry transformation. Jesse also provides insights into his methodology for enhancing leadership skills and improving problem-solving abilities. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to elevate their leadership game in the construction field.


01:11 Introducing Jesse Hernandez

02:56 Jesse's Journey in Construction

06:50 Leadership and Communication

10:39 DepthBuilder: The Origin Story

25:42 Client Success Stories

27:25 Realizing Leadership Mistakes

29:19 Emotional Bungee Jumpers Experiment

32:17 Books and Their Impact

34:36 Onboarding New Clients

39:51 Personal Motivation and Sobriety

42:06 Advice for Young Professionals

46:06 Rapid Fire Questions

52:11 Conclusion and Contact Information

Connect with Jesse Online

Website: https://www.depthbuilder.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jesse-hernandez/

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