Transforming Construction Culture and Compensation with Michael Fortinberry
Construction DisruptionJune 05, 2024
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Transforming Construction Culture and Compensation with Michael Fortinberry

In this episode of the Construction Disruption podcast, Todd Miller and co-host Ryan Bell from Isaiah Industries explore the future of design, building, and remodeling with Michael Fortinberry, Senior VP of Perennial Construction Solutions and co-founder of Protiv.

Michael shares insights on how Protiv's performance-based pay system is revolutionizing employee motivation and company culture in the construction industry. He discusses the challenges of hourly compensation, the importance of company culture, and the potential for Protiv's model to be adopted in other industries. Tune in for a deep dive into construction innovation, company culture, and practical advice for contractors and young professionals entering the industry.


01:19 Guest Introduction: Michael Fortinberry

02:54 Perennial Construction Solutions Overview

07:31 Challenges in Employee Compensation

10:26 The Birth of PROTIV

15:14 Implementing PROTIV: Practical Insights

20:41 Expanding Beyond Construction

24:20 The Importance of Incentive Compensation

25:08 Recruitment and Retention Strategies

26:13 Empowering Workers with Technology

30:20 Advice for Newcomers in Construction

35:01 Rapid Fire Questions

41:25 Final Thoughts and Contact Information

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