From Clicks to Cash with Jarod Spiewak
Construction DisruptionJune 26, 2024
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From Clicks to Cash with Jarod Spiewak

In this episode of the Construction Disruption podcast, Ryan Bell of Isaiah Industries and co-host Ethan Young explore innovative digital marketing strategies with Jarod Spiewak, founder of Comet Fuel. Jarod shares his journey from a young entrepreneur at 14 to a successful international speaker and marketer. He discusses Comet Fuel's core philosophy, emphasizing transparency and revenue-focused digital marketing. Key insights include the importance of detailed tracking for lead generation and marketing ROI, the potential of Google Ads, and practical tips for aspiring entrepreneurs in the construction industry.

Jarod also discusses the role of AI in marketing and his unique clicks-to-cash approach, which ensures businesses get tangible results from their campaigns. Whether you're a construction professional looking to optimize your marketing efforts or an entrepreneur eager to learn from Jarod's experience, this episode is packed with valuable insights and practical advice.


00:47 Meet Jarod Spiewak: From Teen Entrepreneur to Agency Founder

02:55 The Birth of Comet Fuel: Bridging Freelancing and Agency Work

05:48 Comet Fuel's Core Services: Clicks to Cash

09:52 Challenges in Lead Generation and Marketing ROI

14:40 Crafting Irresistible Offers in the Construction Industry

22:04 The Role of AI in Marketing and Operations

25:57 Transparency and Client Communication at Comet Fuel

28:00 Reevaluating Business Goals

28:39 Trends in the Construction Industry

29:16 Importance of Tracking Marketing Channels

32:19 Choosing the Right CRM

33:07 Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

35:10 Understanding Marketing for Business Growth

38:14 Embracing Change and Experimentation

41:02 Rapid Fire Questions

49:46 Conclusion and Contact Information

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