Increasing Efficiency through Construction Tech with Aaron Henderson
Construction DisruptionJuly 26, 2023
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Increasing Efficiency through Construction Tech with Aaron Henderson

“We’re really working toward this end-to-end solution where a contractor can start with their estimate, get to a budget, and then push all that information that they’re gathering during pre-construction out to the field to be able to manage projects more efficiently. So, a holistic sort of solution for our contractor.”

Aaron Henderson, Strategic Sales & Product Marketing at STACK Construction Technologies

We’ve spoken about the delicate relationship between construction and technology with several of our guests, and STACK Construction Technologies has a vision in the same vein. Technological advances have propelled rapid growth in many areas of life and industry and hold tremendous promise for construction.

Aaron Henderson of STACK shares methods for tailoring tech to each customer’s needs and the power of cloud-based software for take-offs and estimating. For many contractors, estimating relies on an old-fashioned approach, with paper forms and "that's how we've always done it."

Transforming the approach to construction starts with estimating for STACK, but they have plans to affect every stage of a project. Tune in for a look at the bright future.

Topics discussed in this interview:

- Remodeling forecast from a Qualified Remodeler webinar

- What does STACK do?

- How did Aaron end up in construction technology?

- Who is the typical user?

- How long does it take to get started?

- How does STACK make technology understandable and usable?

- How does STACK alleviate supply chain issues?

- The advantages of cloud-based services

- How does STACK help with the skilled labor shortage?

- What steps can we take to make construction a desirable career?

- A.I. and future implications for construction

- Embracing change

- Rapid fire questions

Resources Mentioned:

Qualified Remodeler Webinar with Eric Finnegan of John Burns Real Estate Consulting:

To get in touch with Aaron, email him at or visit to learn how to streamline your processes.

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