Overcoming Addiction Through Faith with Kevin Krestinski
Construction DisruptionMay 08, 2024
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Overcoming Addiction Through Faith with Kevin Krestinski

This episode of the Construction Disruption Podcast features an inspiring conversation with Kevin Krestinski, who openly shares his deeply personal and transformative journey out of the depths of gambling addiction to finding a new start in life through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. His story takes us through moments of vulnerability, the destructive path of addiction, and the powerful transformation inspired by a deeper connection with Jesus Christ.

Kevin's openness provides inspiration and hope, highlighting the pivotal role of faith in overcoming life-controlling behaviors. The episode also introduces Kevin's book, 'I Was Blinded,' aimed at helping others find Jesus and overcome addiction. 


02:52 Guest Spotlight: Kevin Krestinski's Journey

04:03 Kevin's Early Life and Introduction to Gambling

07:38 The Spiral into Gambling Addiction

12:10 The Science Behind Gambling Addiction

15:22 Impact on Family and Friends

21:25 Kevin's Legal Troubles and Jail Time

28:08 Finding Redemption and a New Path

30:46 Life Behind Bars: A Personal Journey

32:52 Finding Peace and Transformation in Solitude

34:28 Rebuilding Life: The Path to Redemption

35:29 A New Chapter: Love, Support, and Marriage

37:07 The Power of Writing: Sharing a Message of Hope

38:34 Engaging with the World: The Impact of a Personal Story

41:01 Off-Topic Delights: Travel and Guacamole

42:50 Rapid Fire Questions: Insights and Laughs

53:47 Connecting with Kevin: How to Reach Out

Connect with Kevin Online

For more on Kevin's journey or to get a copy of his book, visit www.iwasblinded.com or email iwasblindedbook@gmail.com

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