Remodeling Trends and Homeowner Motivations with Eric Finnigan
Construction DisruptionMay 01, 2024
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Remodeling Trends and Homeowner Motivations with Eric Finnigan

In this episode of the Construction Disruption podcast, host Todd Miller interviews returning guest Eric Finnegan, Vice President of Building Products Research and Demographics at John Burns Research and Consulting.

Todd and Eric explore current and future trends in the construction and remodeling industries, including insights on housing market shifts, the impact of COVID-19, the skilled labor shortage, and innovations in building materials. Eric shares valuable data on population movements, the growing importance of the suburbs, and the implications for housing demand and remodeling. They also discuss the evolving needs and preferences across different generations, from baby boomers to millennials and Gen Z, and highlight innovative products that address today's challenges in the construction industry.


02:01 Introducing Eric Finnegan: A Repeat Guest with Insightful Industry Perspectives

03:16 Deep Dive into John Burns Research and Consulting

07:28 The Impact of COVID-19 on the Housing Market

12:36 2023 Census Insights: Population Shifts and Housing Demand

17:57 Remodeling Trends and Predictions: A Look Ahead

23:51 Advice for New Contractors: Navigating the Remodeling Market

27:40 Exploring Housing Trends Across Generations

28:30 Millennials and Homeownership: A Shift in Trends

32:01 The Future of Housing Demand: Generational Insights

33:15 Innovations in Building Materials and Construction

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