The Power of Positive Reinforcement with Bill Sims Jr.
Construction DisruptionNovember 21, 2023
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The Power of Positive Reinforcement with Bill Sims Jr.

“The number one driver of employee safety engagement, performance improvement, quality, and productivity is not a t-shirt, a ball cap, a pizza party, nor is it a bigger 4011k plan or even working from home. The single biggest driver of employee morale, engagement, and mental health is when my boss looks me in the eye and sincerely says, ‘Bill, here’s what you did for safety. You reported that near hit. You capped the rebar, and here’s why that matters. You let one of your coworkers go home safe tonight.’”

-- Bill Sims, Jr., President at The Bill Sims Company and Keynote Speaker

After extensive experience as a leadership and educational speaker, Bill Sims, Jr. has dialed in one base principle that improves safety, morale, and employee motivation. By positively reinforcing desired behaviors, employees are safer and more productive, fostering a growing culture for company-wide change.

Join us as we interview Bill on his journey to this realization and learn from his experiences implementing his ideas at large and small companies, both in construction and outside the industry. Sometimes, truly disruptive ideas like positive reinforcement come from other areas of life and, when applied elsewhere, create massive change.

Topics discussed in this interview:

- Positive reinforcement in a construction setting

- Why apply this concept to job site safety?

- Focusing on construction as the next major area of opportunity for innovation

- What really motivates behavior change?

- Lessons learned from experiments and attempts

- What motivators are most effective?

- How do different generations respond to different methods of motivation?

- What does working with Bill Sims, Jr. look like?

- Consequences and behavior modification

- The role of company culture

- Teaching leadership at Disney

- Safety unicorns?

- Rapid fire questions

Visit Bill’s website to learn more, hire him to speak, or pick up a copy of his book, Green Beans and Ice Cream.

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