Partner with the Right Bank for You with Jenny Saunders
Construction DisruptionSeptember 06, 2022
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Partner with the Right Bank for You with Jenny Saunders

Working with a bank shouldn’t be just another expense. Instead, seek a financial partner who will actively facilitate your success.


In this episode, FC Bank president Jenny Saunders shares her view of banking from thirty years of experience and breaks down the ideal banking relationship.


Jenny encourages you to pursue the right bank and to create an honest, open relationship built on trust. The best banks do more than manage your money; they help you apply for loans, lines of credit, and funding. They keep your money safe and streamline your transactions.  


If your current bank is more of a hindrance than a help, break up with them and find a financial partner who will treat you right.


Tune in for a banker’s perspective on banking relationships, advances in modern banking, advice on finding the right banker, and tips on improving your banking relationship.


Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • The state of the economy
  • Key financial areas to watch for construction
  • What to look for in a banking partner
  • Programs and services banks offer
  • SBA/PPP loans and the changing landscape of retail
  • How to have a productive relationship with your bank
  • The importance of community involvement
  • Smaller banks adapting to new technology
  • Banks tailoring service to best fit customers
  • Strategies to increase employee retention


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