Leveraging Digital Marketing for Leads with Brittany Murphy
Construction DisruptionSeptember 28, 2023
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Leveraging Digital Marketing for Leads with Brittany Murphy

“No one wants to spend money on a website. It’s not the fun part. Let’s just be honest; I mean, like social media, I mean, all these other things are kind of more fun. If your website could be that salesperson that works for you when your sales guys are off, then what do you want to pay that salesperson that’s willing to work the midnight shift?”

-- Brittany Murphy, Marketing Director at One Thing Marketing

Digital marketing, earning good reviews, and building websites are nothing new in construction, but many businesses aren’t taking full advantage of their power. Brittany Murphy of One Thing Marketing dives into practical advice for you and your company on building a marketing plan or finding the right fit in a marketing agency.

Listen in as Brittany shares important metrics to track, exactly what to work on with SEO, and insights on marketing a construction/remodeling business right now. Learn more about Google My Business, online reviews, and working with marketing agencies to catapult your efforts to the next level.

Topics discussed in this interview:

- Building a career around a love for marketing

- Helping business owners understand the need for digital marketing

- Crafting a marketing plan for each individual company

- Making a website that works when you can’t

- Google ads and what to focus on

- Important factors in the Google Map Pack

- A breakdown of Google Reviews

- Is adding content to your Google page worth it?

- Synergy between web content and marketing

- What to look for in a digital marketing agency?

- Nailing the customer experience

- Developing your personal brand in construction

Discover One Thing Marketing and what they can do for you on their website, and check out a free ebook, too.

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