Grow Your Business with Intention with John Lenker and Assaf Arie
Construction DisruptionAugust 23, 2023
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Grow Your Business with Intention with John Lenker and Assaf Arie

“If you put a system in place that can nurture those opportunities carefully over time and know what to do with each opportunity at each moment in the customer journey, then you’re going to always have things happening, and you can organize your growth in a very efficient way.”

John Lenker is the Chief Vision Officer at Lenker.

Starting your own business is a tempting proposition for many skilled workers who dream of setting their own hours and making their own money. However, successfully running a business takes a varied skillset and a growth mindset. An organization like Lenker steps in when owners need help with branding, strategy, marketing, or new methods.

We had the privilege of interviewing John Lenker, CVO at Lenker, and Assaf Arie, CEO at Lenker, to learn more about their experiences and the methods they use to kickstart growth. Tune in for valuable advice on knowing your capabilities and improving your mindset when managing your business.

Topics discussed in this interview:

- John’s background and meeting Assaf

- Assaf’s path to working at Lenker

- Growing a business to better coach business owners

- Common growing pains and how to beat them

- Find a partner to catapult your business to the next level

- Flexibility and adaptation are key

- Going beyond fixing problems to creating systems

- The vital role of branding

- How to attract good workers

- Thoughts on AI and its impact on jobs

- Keep an open mind

- Rapid fire questions

To rethink your business strategy, visit and connect with Assaf and John on LinkedIn.

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