Finding Purpose in Our Pain with Andrew Olsen
Construction DisruptionAugust 02, 2023
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Finding Purpose in Our Pain with Andrew Olsen

“It took me a long time to learn that all of those experiences, all of the suffering that we went through, helped to shape how I think about people and what it means to be someone who says, Yeah, okay, I think I can help fix that problem. I can’t solve global poverty, but can I help intervene so that one person doesn’t have to suffer the way they are right now.”

Andrew Olsen, Senior Vice President at DickersonBakker

While we often discuss innovations and ideas in construction, this episode takes a different tack. We’ve featured guest Andrew Olsen on the show before (in Episode 66), but he shares a very personal story this time.

Andrew experienced a life-changing event at a young age that affected his life’s trajectory and inspired him to pursue his current career. As a teenager, his family was broken apart. Andrew was forced to grow up quickly, dealing with poverty and change.

Tune in as Andrew tells his story and how it influences his actions even today.

Topics discussed in this interview:

- Andrew’s story

- Dealing with addiction

- Resources to seek out

- Advice for dealing with trauma

- How family trauma informed Andrew’s approach as a husband and father

- Can you still find God in times of trial?

- How to comfort someone going through a tough time

- Rapid fire questions

Resources Mentioned:

Salvation Army-

City Gate-

Teen Challenge-

Reach out to Andrew on LinkedIn, email him at, or call him at 612-201-1967

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