Building with Aluminum with Chuck Johnson and Ryan Roush
Construction DisruptionAugust 10, 2022
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Building with Aluminum with Chuck Johnson and Ryan Roush

As the world moves toward being energy-efficiency, consumers are changing their perspective on the materials they prefer in building and construction. Aluminum’s low weight, high strength, and green attributes position it perfectly as a disruptor. Studies have shown increasing demand in the major aluminum markets and corresponding investment.


Most of the aluminum used in 2021 was recycled, over three-quarters of it! This fundamental integration with recycling makes aluminum an excellent eco-friendly option that continues to serve major markets well.


Joining us today are Chuck Johnson, CEO and president of The Aluminum Association, and Ryan Roush, COO of JW Aluminum, a leading producer of flat-rolled aluminum products. Both bring a different perspective on the aluminum market and have a wealth of information to share.


Tune in to learn about aluminum leading the way!


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Chuck’s mission with aluminum
  • What sets The Aluminum Association apart
  • Discussion of a study done on the growth of the aluminum market
  • The sustainability of aluminum in construction
  • Four major trends contributing to the growth of aluminum
  • The energy efficiency of aluminum
  • Future job opportunities in the aluminum industry


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