Architect to the Stars with David Applebaum
Construction DisruptionMay 22, 2024
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Architect to the Stars with David Applebaum

In this episode of Construction Disruption, we sit down again with the renowned architect David Applebaum, famously known as 'architect to the stars'. With 40 years of experience shaping the skylines and living spaces in Los Angeles and beyond, David shares insights into the evolution of architecture, the impact of economic shifts, and his approach to creating spaces that resonate on a personal level.

The conversation also explores the challenges posed by corporate flippers and the permitting process in Los Angeles, the architectural integrity of design over profit, and advice for aspiring architects. Alongside architecture, the episode features Applebaum's personal stories, including encounters with Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles, offering a glimpse into his life and career. 


02:43 David's Journey into Architecture

09:35 Navigating the Challenges of Modern Architecture

24:01 The Art of Model Building in Architecture

34:11 Client Stories and the Human Side of Architecture

43:25 Unveiling the Mystery: The Secret Recording Studio

43:45 Designing for Quincy Jones: A Piano Requirement

45:39 The Architect's Dream: From Self-Storage to Sacred Spaces

50:34 Crafting Unique Experiences: The Starbucks Design Challenge

58:34 Personalizing Spaces: The Essence of Residential Design

01:01:20 Navigating the Digital Age: The Challenge of Online Presence

01:03:23 Advice for Aspiring Architects: Passion Over Profit

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