A Cleaning Revolution with Todd Hodrinsky
Construction DisruptionOctober 26, 2022
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A Cleaning Revolution with Todd Hodrinsky

Todd Hodrinsky, a prodigious inventor, introduces his recent creation, TiCoat. TiCoat is a titanium dioxide coating applied with a spray gun to most surfaces. It not only cleans interior and exterior surfaces but deodorizes too. TiCoat has already seen applications in restrooms, restaurants, hotels, and schools. By constantly cleaning, it streamlines routine cleaning, saving money and time.


Todd discusses the technology behind TiCoat’s remarkable performance, several stories of its transformative cleaning power, and the history behind this unique product. He also hints at the future of TiCoat, including integration with solar panels for boosted efficiency.


To learn more, visit ticoat.com or reach out on Facebook.

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