One Year of Construction Disruption with Ethan, Ryan, Seth, and Todd
Construction DisruptionSeptember 14, 2022
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One Year of Construction Disruption with Ethan, Ryan, Seth, and Todd

In this special episode, all four members of the Construction Disruption podcast assemble to reminisce, remark, and reflect on the first year of the show. After fifty-plus episodes, we take a walk back through our favorite moments, guests, and topics. We also discuss our outlook for the future of the show, and where we aim to be for the next year. Get to know us a little more and get a peek behind the scenes. 

Some of Our Favorite Episodes

Preserving Modernist Architecture with George Smart

Gamifying the Construction Process with Mary and Jason Sturgeon

Finding Hope through Adversity with Jordan and Mason Burchette

How to Increase Profits While Working Less with Benson Agbortogo

Career Centers Trump College with Tony Trapp

Changing Lives with Portable and Accessible Housing with RJ Adler

Climate Change and Construction with Crystal Egger and Kathryn Prociv

Passion and Vision: A New Mindset with Paula Parker

Lessons from a Veteran Salesperson with Frank Farmer

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Thanks for listening to us over this past year. We hope you’ve learned something, been inspired, and had your horizons widened.


Here’s to another year of excellent guests and exciting news on the future of construction. 

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