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Job Site Surveillance with Roger Yarrow
September 18, 2023
49:57114.31 MB

Job Site Surveillance with Roger Yarrow

“Many users get one camera, and they love it, and then suddenly, you know, they've got a dozen more right behind it. And it just becomes another tool of the trade to really help you excel at your job. And what we do is just make it easy for you to do that by making everything turnkey and simple.” -...

Imagining the Future of Construction with Alex Walzer
September 13, 2023
55:22126.71 MB

Imagining the Future of Construction with Alex Walzer

“I live along those lines of open innovation, and… you can learn something from anybody. Don’t let your ego or disposition get in the way. So, imagine, you know, like you know already what you have in your mind and the values you stand for. Plus, imagine you can also learn 20% of everybody around y...

The Power of Process with Matt DiBara
September 07, 2023
57:57132.62 MB

The Power of Process with Matt DiBara

“I think that’s the biggest opportunity for business owners. The candidates are out there; they want to work. It’s just what business owners are going to invest: the time, the energy, and the money to find them. There’s no better time in history to own and have a great company with a great team of ...

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Great and Timely Content!

Glad to see that this podcast addresses staying on top of market changes, trends and best practices from forward thinkers! Thanks for the continued great content!


Great guests with fantastic and varied insight into the future of building and remodeling!

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Super relevant

Great listen on the way to the job site.

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Great variety and forward thinking

It’s good to see a podcast dedicated to those who are serious about the future of construction. So far the guests have covered great topics including the subject of change, building science and safety, and new product development. Looking forward to future episodes and learning more about what’s to come in construction.